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Joseph Auren - LA Fashion Week: Future to the Moon

Joseph Auren, a self-taught fashion designer, made a stunning debut at Fashion Week 2022 in Los Angeles with his second collection, Future to the Moon. Auren, originally from Bulgaria, moved to Germany to pursue his passion for fashion and is now determined to showcase his unique designs to the world.

Future to the Moon is a modern, gender-bending collection that features unpredictable silhouettes, avant-garde charm, and a refined free-spirited balance. The designs are accentuated by Auren's signature touches, including geometric cutouts, optical effects, and bondage elements. The collection's dark, moody landscape is brought to life by the use of metallic fabrics and iridescent visuals, creating a futuristic image that is unmatched in the fashion industry.

Auren's designs reflect his inspiration from outer space, with every stitch intended to reinforce the collection's space theme. The grey, shimmering panels reflect the galaxy's stars, and the buckled belts represent a spaceship's hardware. Auren's attention to detail has created a cohesive collection that provides a taste of something entirely new.

The black-and-white color scheme of the collection ensures a minimalistic appearance that remains timeless, while the contrast of darkness and lightness adds depth to the designs, similar to the stars in pitch-black space.

Auren's designs are not for the faint of heart, allowing wearers to adopt a bold personality that views fashion as a means for self-expression. The superior craftsmanship of the pieces, designed and made in Berlin, provides a flattering silhouette and a custom-tailored solution that ensures the pieces look exceptional on everyone, regardless of size or gender.

In conclusion, Auren's Future to the Moon collection is a testament to the designer's talent and dedication to his craft. It is a unique and inclusive approach to luxury fashion that proves for Auren, space is the limit.


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