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NYFMC & LAFMC’s first “digital” Fashion week fashion show’s were a huge success,

You might be familiar with the NYFMC live fashion week show if you have travelled frequently in yellow New York City Taxi cabs as they have been featured heavily on passenger tv screens in the past, NYFMC & LAFMC digital Fashion week shows were pre recorded and aired to thousands of viewers watching from home hoping to catch a glimpse of the hottest new fashions from the east to the west coast and designs from featured independent emerging designers, And that they did, These shows were fast paced full of entertainment and was a high quality produced TV production, What made FMC Fashion shows different is that their shows also highlight amazing indie musical talents of all music genres.

The shows were directed and hosted by Londener Deshai Williams and featured the following designers:

I FLY UNIVERSE by Andres Beil was exceptional. This designer's collection was daring with bold colors that represented hot nights in Miami, The fabrics shimmered like sunsets and the stripes placed with block colors was the perfect balance. FASSION BY DANA by Dana Acosta was very modern and clean, Black and white fabrics and edgy cuts definitely made a statement.

MARIE NOHR (Self entitled) Great collection with the contrast of comfort and glamour, It was clear to see that Marie Nohr’s collection can be worn absolutely anywhere, Day and evening wear, The silver tones and the black fabric choices really worked well. BE CORP, BOBBIECO DESIGNESBYEYE By Bobbie Colfeild was edgy and high fashion runway streetwear, Bobbie clashed patterns with earthtones, black and whites her collection featured stunning hoodies and a shorts ensemble that was absolutely fantastic. N-DEED By Oliver Fitzpatrick wowed us with his purple clean cut suits for both male and female, This collection was most definitely high fashion and extremely brave and bold,

TAJ COTTAGE By Rachna Chandra Had an amazing western and eastern feel with bright vibrant colors and textures, Silver and Yellow were 2 colors paired on the runway that brought life to this collection. MOZZE DESIGNS By Jose Ortiz Was absolutely phenomenal high end couture pieces that flowed down the runway effortlessly, This collection had a great balance between soft and edgy, Jose worked great pairing Tulle and leather, This was a great collection. EXPIRED CITIZENS By Dale Horton Gave us a Yeezy feel, This young 20 something designer brought his A Game and commanded the runway with the models standing in a stance, We loved the color scheme and the urban feel of this entire collection.

JAY BRACE (Self entitled) Brought us back to the swinging 60’s with Lolly Dolly, Mini skirts, head scarfs and not to mention the transparent latex, This was a very well thought amazing innovative collection. MISS CLEDGY By Wasimah Dorm rocked the runway with satin and primary colors, This collection was Diva Goddess all in one word.. We loved the Bold Yellow Satin pieces and the fact this designer caters to women of all sizes. DYNASTY GEORGE By Dynasty Casanova was very calm and this collection represented spring with beautiful floral designs and sustainable fabrics.

KERIANNE MEEHAN NEW YORK Wowed us with her Love collection, This Bridal line was every girl's dream come true, Kerrianne really outdone herself with the detailed beading And these fabulous couture pieces. LEL BOUTIQUE By Lorraine Virgo was daring, edgy and classy all in one, the cut of these dresses were unique, The plunging necklines on certain pieces and the 70’s color scheme really worked well together and came across dramatically on the runway. JESSICA JADE (Self Entitled) What can we say? This collection completely stole the show with Bling! Jessica used an amazing variety of colors and gemstones in this collection. Brave and bold are two words that come to mind with one piece in particular which is the pink rhinestone 2 piece.

GWEN HINE (Self Entitled) This collection was like a breath of fresh air, Gwen Hine is definitely in a lane of her own combining athletic design with high end couture that featured bold colors with black and white accents.STUDIO CIRCA By Vincent Soliz was innovative and LA urban wear, Studio Circa’s Artwork and Graphic print was expressive and edgy and unique. We loved the Red and Black solid backdrops with splashes of blue, green visuals, BE.CO By Libia Pratti Had a Glam urban wear feel, BE.CO rocked both NY and LA shows with regal Golds and Blacks and other vibrant colors, BE representing “BE” Be you, Be the person you were meant to Be.

CHASE THE MOMENT By Chase Roberts worked with a range of daring colors and not to mention amazing fabric designs. Two pieces in particular featured an amazing hot orange colored fabric with daring black stripes.DANIEL CHIMOWITZ (Self Entitled) commanded the attention of every viewer watching LAFMC with his collection “Chrome Gods'' This collection was out of this world and some pieces even had lights, Yes that's correct his apparel lit up like rockets in a ray of colors not to mention the hoodies with fluorescent trimming.WILTED ROSES By Randi Mc Williams literally took you to the future with huge enormous hoods, neck lines and oversized collars and bling, This collection was avant garde at its finest.

REBELS OF THE NEW AGE By Dylan Cohen & Adrianna Parra brought an incredible ray of diversity with their debut collection which featured amazing high end couture pieces. Edgy raw chains, Big shoulders and elegance are a few words that come to mind.CAM GREENE3 By Cam Greene This young designer’s collection was a complete canvas for artistic expression. Each piece featured hand painted artwork by Cam himself leaving one piece unlike the other and unique. We loved the urban tribal feel.

LIS’S DESIGNS By Melissa Breux was beautiful sustainable fashion with one piece in particular made completely out of white garbage bags. Lis’s Design Collection was elegance at its best and featured light gold and burgundy pieces that stole the runway.

DAVID LOUIS KLEIN (Self Entitled) Was edgy and practical apparel for the modern day woman, This collection was stylish and featured vibrant colorful sleek dresses and a hot gold and black 2 piece Pants and tube top which featured elaborate fabric print.

ELYSIAN SWIMWEAR By Na’shaye Lewis is the future of swimwear, Each piece uniquely designed in bold primary colors and seductive edgy cuts. We loved the royal Blue bikini with the Kriss Kross Bra and the oyster colored 2 piece with white floral lace sleeves.

Production manager: “Karima Alyarimi”

Production,, Camera, editor: “Owlman Productions”

LAFMC Co-Director: “Keeb Green”




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