CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION Art Squared Gallery featuring the artwork of Laurel Holloman at Pershing

Pershing Square​, located in the heart of Downtown LA, is happy to announce a new art show by Art Squared Gallery featuring ​acclaimed artist and award-winning actress Laurel Holloman​. Known for her vibrant use of color and larger-than-life paintings, Holloman captures tumultuous emotions with vivid movement to create a three-dimensional illusion. Laurel is honored to be exhibiting at Pershing Square. She has had studios in the historic Toy Factory Building as well as the Jefferson Arts District in DTLA. She is currently preparing a ​London solo exhibition​ called ​Deep Dive​ that will open on July 7, 2021, at The Bankside Gallery London (UK). “I feel my paintings have a secret language born out of science and my obsessiveness with why and how we are here. I paint through