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The Responsible Brand Muzungu Sisters

A brand that will make you travel the world...

Muzungu Sisters was launched in 2011, with an online store and a month-long London pop-up.

The concept for Muzungu Sisters was born in 2009, when founders and friends, Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo, were living in New York. Dana, finishing a master's degree in human rights at Columbia University, wanted to create an online retail portal that would promote fair labor practices by showcasing artisan-crafted goods.

Tatiana, with a refined eye for style and a keen interest in travel, had been thinking of curating a website that would feature carefully sourced items discovered during her adventures abroad. By merging their ideas and passions, Dana and Tatiana created the revolutionary concept of providing the global online retail market with exclusive products handcrafted in a sustainable manner, by local artisans from diverse cultures. In promoting Muzungu Sisters products, Dana and Tatiana shine a light on the rare artistry found in artisan communities, stimulate those local economies, and encourage consumers to view artisan-crafted goods as wearable items that never go out of style.

Muzungu Sisters pieces are timeless heirlooms that are designed to be kept for generations. We have held this conviction since day one, and we have never forgotten it. They have traveled across the world to find the most unusual, beautiful, sustainable, fabrics; the best embroiderers, weavers, and ateliers. They item never go out of style and are designed to be worn year after year.

The brand currently offers ethically sourced handmade luxury, produced by 17 different artisan communities across four continents. Muzungu Sisters has curated travelling pop-up shops around the world in over eight countries from Beirut to Los Angeles, showcasing their wares.

Are you looking for colorful and original pieces for this summer? With a responsible approach? Muzungu Sisters is made for you!

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