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Dior Offers Line Dance Classes with Star Dancers

As a tribute to the important discipline of Christian Dior -- who had signed the costumes for Roland Petit's Ballet "Treize danses" and more recently for Maria Grazia Chiuri's creations for the Rome Opera -- classical dance has always been a poetic encounter for the fashion house. The House of Dior offers an enchanting interlude to all three stops available for free on YouTube to let go and learn classical dance. The goal is to learn a few tricks by following a classical dance ignition while discovering the daily training of a professional dancer.

On the program?

1/ Germain Louvet, star dancer of the Paris Opera, leads a dance class lasting approximately 30 minutes,

2/ the dancer Eleonora Abbagnato teaches us the five basic positions of the dance with arm ports and leg movements,

3/ in duet, Sébastien Bertaud choreographer and the dancer Friedemann Vogel propose a choreographic workshop where warm-ups at the bar and directed improvisation will satisfy all levels.

Get your tights and leotard, see you on Dior's Youtube channel!

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