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Le Colibri Skincare: Every Drop Matters

The latest natural, organic, and cruelty-free skincare from France that respects your skin as much as the environment.

Flawless skin starts with a flawless skincare routine.

What: ​Le Colibri Skincare is an e-commerce boutique that offers customers the best of natural and organic beauty from France. Featuring a carefully curated selection of brands ​— including A​ bsolution, Enfance Paris, Oppidum, Lamazuna, ​Comme Avant​, and Bel Air ​—​ Le Colibri focuses on the highest-quality ingredients for your skin while taking care of the environment.

From moisturizing facial lotions and soothing serums to naturally derived shampoos, body oils, and hydrosols, Le Colibri Skincare exclusively offers face, body, hair, and makeup products that have been personally selected by co-owners Isabelle and Nelson.

Le Colibri also offers personal care items made especially for children, including handmade soaps and toothpaste, and the sustainable Le Colibri Skincare toothbrush. You’ll also find eco-friendly accessories including ​pink quartz Gua Sha​ and konjac sponges.

Where: ​Le​ ​Colibri Skincare products are available online at ​

When: ​Every week,​ Le Colibri Skincare is live on Instagram​ to offer free skincare and haircare tips as well as advice to improve your beauty routine. Follow @lecolibriskincare​ and find out how to maintain flawless skin and shiny, healthy hair.

Who: ​Le Colibri Skincare’s story started in Paris five years ago. While looking for simple and clean products for their babies, co-founders Nelson and Isabelle began closely reading product labels. They quickly realized that “simple” was rare and labels were complex. They set out on a quest to find the purest, most natural and effective products for children first. Their search quickly expanded and they started sharing their knowledge with friends and family. Dedicated to the idea that people can take care of themselves while taking care of the planet, the two founders selected only brands that would share their philosophy.Coming to Los Angeles was the occasion to start a business with the aim of sharing the best of natural and organic beauty from France.

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