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2 Durable Jewelry Brands

There is a lot of talk about sustainable fashion like Stella McCartney, but jewelry is often left out. With Earth Day being this week, it's the perfect opportunity to highlight two brands that define more sustainable jewelry making. For these brands, it's not just about using recycled metals or sourcing gemstones ethically for their jewelry, their sustainability efforts go far beyond that. These practices range from supporting the local communities where the pieces are made, to providing full transparency and traceability. Discover Alighieri and Washed Ashore.

- Alighieri

You might recognize Alighieri’s textured and imperfectly perfect literature-inspired gold pieces from the pages of Vogue or your Instagram feed. Each piece is made from either recycled bronze or silver, and then plated with gold and cast.

- Washed Ashore

From the fully recyclable packaging to a green refinery facility and creating pieces that are made from recycled gold, silver, and postconsumer stones, Washed Ashore approaches sustainability at every angle. It also has partnered with to help fight global warming and support the future of clean energy.

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