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Dylan Flashner: Exploring and Creating

As many of us, Dylan Flashner is in search of something greater than him and through music he has found a road to explore. Music may be part of his job description but it goes beyond that. Many can make music now but Flashner stands out in the midst of up and coming artist. Actor and producer as well, he gets to see the entertainment industry from different angles, broadening his perspective. Beauty is confidence and with that Dylan Flashner is on his way to the top.

What would you say is the most attractive thing about pursuing a career in music?

It was an outlet for me to entertain people, while exploring the freedom of art. I was attracted by the idea of sharing my vision with other people and entertaining them. It was never once about the money. It was something I wanted to do, not HAD to do, as I was a college student at Chapman University at the time. And that was refreshing.

How would you describe your music style in your own words?

I think it is a catchy blend of R&B and hip hop. The content of the music discussed my insecurities in a way I could never relay in conversation. The way I try to blend the genres of R&B and hip hop, I try to mix sensitivity with the competitive nature of hip hop.

As an artist, what do you believe is the biggest challenge you face? How do you overcome it?

Today, anyone can make music. The market has become quite saturated. So finding a way to differentiate yourself while remaining authentic became difficult. I tried to listen to people who knew me best and see what their genuine thoughts were.

You also act. If you could play with any actor (dead or alive), who would pick and why?

Although we are already in a film together, I never got to share a scene with Robert De Niro. It kind of feels like a girl I got to go on a date with, but never got to see her again. He has been a part of so many historic projects, he is a walking legend at this point.

What is a dream role for you?

I am an absolute sports nut. So the idea of getting to play a coach in an iconic sports film would be surreal. I think about the way Denzel inspired people in Remember the Titans… or Sam L Jackson did in Coach Carter. If I could ever have an impact like that, I could never turn down the chance to do so.

Tell us a bit more about your latest film.

We just got done filming in the south for a film called, Lansky. I got the opportunity to play a member of the military in a gangster period piece, which is an absolute dream come true. A lot of it is still a secret, but I can’t wait to see how the entire project comes out.

How would you define beauty?


The apocalypse is real and you can take three things with you. What are they?

I would need a microphone to record music. My laptop to facetime friends and place my sports bets. And last, but most certainly not least, I would need my dogs with me.

How did you get into producing?

When I was in the music industry, I saw how the business side of things was just as important as the art itself. I wanted to own all my media and art. The only way to do that in film is to produce. By producing, it allows for longevity in this field and I get to control my own narrative.

What matters to you the most in life?


Photo by Eric Larokk @ericlarokk

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