DIY Brows - Expert Advice On How To Handle Your Brows in Isolation

To start, it’s best to allow your eyebrows to fully grow out in order to figure out their full, natural shape. This lets you see what you're working with and helps you avoid making mistakes further down the line.

In isolation the cheapest and most convenient way to tackle your eyebrows is by tweezing and tinting your brow hairs. Start by brushing your brows up and across to determine the shape. Then get to work plucking any pesky stray hairs one or two at a time.

After tweezing your brows, it's time to get out the at-home tint kit - perfect for creating that microblading look. Prep your tint mixture and use the small spoolie included in the kit to carefully apply the formula across your brows, concentrating on any sparse areas. Sit back, relax and wait up to ten minutes. Once they are ready remove the tint with a cotton pad and there you have it;