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4 Fashion Documentaries

Are you passionate about fashion and have you already watched the Devil Wears Prada several times? Bello Mag has prepared a program of 4 fashion documentaries for you to watch.

· Karl Lagerfeld Confidential

What does a day in the life of Karl Lagerfeld look like? Lagerfeld Confidential gives you an idea, with its peek inside the everyday routine of the famously private designer. Karl opens up about his German upbringing and early career, allowing the camera to follow him to intimate spaces, from his chaotic Parisian apartment to a flight in a private jet, giving viewers an insight into the man behind the infamous dark glasses.

· Alexa Chung: The Future of Fashion

“The Future of Fashion is a mission to uncover the depth of the industry and the huge variety of roles that go towards sending clothes down the catwalk season after season,” explains Vogue contributing editor Alexa Chung, who set out to investigate the truth about the fashion industry with her Vogue Video series by asking the questions everybody wants answers to. From finding out first-hand from Olivier Rousteing how he rose to the ranks of fashion royalty at Balmain, to exploring how to secure a job at Vogue, Alexa brings her signature charm and wit to give an insider view of the ins and outs of the fashion world.

· « Dior and I »

Raf Simons, a designer best known for his work at minimalist label Jil Sander, has been appointed creative director of the fabled French design house Dior. His first collection will be haute couture – the most arduous, labour-intensive discipline in fashion.

· Chiara Ferragni: Unposted

As founder of The Blonde Salad, a fashion and lifestyle blog that catapulted her to superstardom, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most powerful influencers of her generation – she has 17.7 million Instagram followers, was the first blogger to appear on the cover of Vogue (for Vogue Spain in April 2015) and has even been used as a case study by Harvard Business School. Elisa Amoruso’s eye-opening documentary chronicles her rise, weaving together childhood home videos, fashion show footage and blog posts to determine the secret to her success. Even more illuminating? The film’s exploration of influencer culture, with academics, designers and fans weighing in on the nature of modern-day celebrity. RS. Photo by shattha pilabut from Pexels

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