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‘Isolation Groove’ to get you out of your funk

Let's face it , everyone is losing it a little being quarantined at home but hey, at least the internet is keeping us busy! Two Edmonton artists teamed-up to write a song called Isolation Groove that they say is intended to make listeners laugh, sing, and dance their way through these "crazy times." Written by Martin Kerr and Ann Vriend - Isolation Groove is their first song about love in the middle of a pandemic."You're stuck at home with the people you love, but also trying not to touch each other. A bit of a mixed message," says Kerr. Whether alone or with family/friends in isolation, take a look at this video and get out of your funk! Find your niche and way to get through because at the expense of sounding cheesy...we are all in this together! We happen to be part o history right now so why not make it count as much as we can?!

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