For music lovers…

On March 17th, the American singer Tate McRae released a performance video for her track “that way”. The new song is from her 5 song debut ep all the things I never said which also features music videos for standout track “stupid,” “tear myself apart,” and “all my friends are fake.”

“Tear Myself Apart” is about how when a relationship falls apart, we tend to blame ourselves. It's when you feel so much for someone, and then in return take it out on yourself, even when you're not in the wrong.

The video clip takes place in a house with different colored lights in the rooms and the singer dancing from room to room. There's a masked man who shows up in little glimpses throughout the video that represents the person she's referring to in the song. She wanted him to wear a mask so that you couldn't identify who he was or put a face to the story.