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DaniLeigh and her new single “Levi High"

Yes, it finally came out! Danileigh recently released her new song and music video “Levi High” which has gotten fans going crazy! Last Friday, the creative video came out and let’s just say this: it will get you on your feet!

Having started a movement on Instagram, the artist challenged her fans to a “Levi High Challenge” where they all show off their back as they try to slip on their high waist jeans. The response to this was amazing as new videos of fans doing the challenge are popping up every day! Definitely reminds us to embrace who we are and look at life through a positive lens.

Her vocals, her choreography and her beats will have you holding your head up high through everything going on both on a personal and global spectrum. Everything about it reminds you to love yourself and just do you. At least, that is what comes to mind when I listen to it! Right now, things are tough so if you find yourself stuck at home go take a look and let your inner diva shine!

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