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Say yes to NO! Jeans

NO! Jeans had their official launch party in Beverly Hills where guests were able to relax and enjoy signature cocktails, a photo booth, a variety of food carts, giveaways, gift bags and much more. Not only that, but they were able to get their hands onto custom made sweatshirts and shirts where the designer was…well them! Unique designs, everyone found the perfect one for them. The designs were either pressed on or painted on directly: talk about first hand experience!

The music was flowing, laughter filled the room as everyone enjoyed the Photo Booth and of course took their much needed selfies! Let’s not forget the amazing decor with its lit up seats and delicious cocktails named after the different cardigans.

As guests arrived, the night was graced with celebrities, celebrity stylists, press, and more! Some of the talent present included Serena Laurel, Liana Ramirez, Nick Metos, Grace Valerie, Chaz Dean, Storm, Kinya Claiborne, Jentzen Ramirez, Joey Suarez, Nick Theurer, and more!

The goodies provided for our guests were generously given by WEN by Chaz Dean, Mane Club, Paromi Tea, Velvet Caviar, and Ourika Soap. Thank you!

It didn’t matter how much “clout” you had or what kind of clothes you were wearing: you could be yourself and around others doing the same.

It was truly a magical night that will be remembered as the official NO! Jeans Comeback Party!

Thank you to VINCENT VALLEJO for the amazing photos Thank you to PHOEBE PAINTS for the beautiful designs Thank you to ELOY from VIRTUE PRINT for the unique prints And thank you to the CATERERS for the delicious food!

Get your own NO! Jeans Cardigan NOW at TAGS Beverly Hills ! 259 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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