Singing in the shower? I think we have all done this at least once in our life but imagine when a beautiful comes out of it! For X LOVERS, this is how London came up with their song "Mad World." Having started in a band at 11 years old, this duo is strong in numbers and strong in voices. Thriving to showcase their unique talent, these young artists are on their way to the top. They love art in general and continue to express themselves through it. Today, they just released their new single "F*** What People Say" and it is a song not to miss!

1. Do you recall the moment you found the melody/lyrics for your most recent release “Mad World” ?

I (London) was in the shower when the melody and concept came to me. I was super in my head about the world in general... it feels insanely intense to be a young human beginning your life right now. The entire idea flooded my brain immediately. I quickly jumped out and yelled to Jake " yo we have to make this song right now," and it was finished within two hours!