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Singing in the shower? I think we have all done this at least once in our life but imagine when a beautiful comes out of it! For X LOVERS, this is how London came up with their song "Mad World." Having started in a band at 11 years old, this duo is strong in numbers and strong in voices. Thriving to showcase their unique talent, these young artists are on their way to the top. They love art in general and continue to express themselves through it. Today, they just released their new single "F*** What People Say" and it is a song not to miss!

1. Do you recall the moment you found the melody/lyrics for your most recent release “Mad World” ?

I (London) was in the shower when the melody and concept came to me. I was super in my head about the world in general... it feels insanely intense to be a young human beginning your life right now. The entire idea flooded my brain immediately. I quickly jumped out and yelled to Jake " yo we have to make this song right now," and it was finished within two hours!

2. What is the source of inspiration of your songs?

We could be inspired by literally anything. Writing music has always been my cure all and best friend, no matter what. Whether i'm feeling the euphoria of falling in love or the heaviness of the world right now i'll ALWAYS write about it. For example, the concept of the EP is very reflective of the state of the world and the fear and intensity that comes with being a young person in 2020. We just wear our hearts on our sleeves with whatever we are feeling and chances are that our fans are feeling the exact same way.

3. When did you start your duo?

We started playing as a band when we were 11 years old. Once we moved to LA at 18, we officially started making music as "X Lovers"

4. What are some obstacles you faced and how did you overcome them?

I think we put our art and vision above EVERYTHING and that in itself can be really challenging. it takes so much persistence, especially in industry which turns art into a commodity. We're able to overcome this with sheer belief in ourselves, but it's a constant battle.

Growing up in a tiny, tiny town, the idea of having a career in music was almost foreign to most adults in our lives. This honestly energized so much, we wanted/still want to prove everybody wrong.

5. What would you say each of you brings different to the table?

I write everything/play guitar and Jake produces/ plays drums which on a tangible skill level is a difference that allows for our music to be what it is. At the core, we are similar on a moral level, but have very different personalities which has resulted in us pushing each other to ultimately get the best result for our vision.

6. Share with us your thoughts on the BLM Movement. What do you think is the best way to get people to listen about the change that needs to be made?

We're in full support of the movement. period. there are a plethora of issues that are/need to continue being addressed. voting is not the only answer, but we see it as the most critical aspect. our hope is people are seeing how critical voting on a local, state, and national level is.

7. Do you believe people are finally listening ?

At the moment, yes. However, the momentum needs to be implemented into the fabric of American society forevermore. Nothing is ever perfect, but we must always fight to make it better, especially for those who've been systematically oppressed since the inception of this country.

8. How do you use your music to influence change?

Our music itself is like a gateway drug to us as humans. Some projects may be political, etc., some may simply be about love; however, if our music is a vessel to us as humans, we're committed to using our amplified voice to fight for what we believe in as long as we're a band. Art is the most powerful tool of communication to ever exist. We absolutely intend to use that in every way we possibly can to effectuate positive change.

9. What do you hope to accomplish as artists? As individuals?

As artists, we want to be the biggest band on the planet. Selling out stadiums worldwide has been our absolute vision since we were 11 year olds playing punk songs in a shitty garage.

Individually, we're still so young and want to try avoiding any kind of confinement I guess. I feel like anything could happen and want to keep it that way :)

We're both super interested in the visual side of art, and would love to eventually turn our merch into a real clothing line. We'd love to make soundtracks and be part of dope shows and movies. The future is unknown and endless, that's super exciting; but first, we have some stuff we would like to prove with music!!

10. What comes next for “x lovers” ?

We have an EP called "mad world" coming out this fall and will be releasing songs from the project throughout the summer. We'll be releasing some really sick self directed music videos alongside the music! We're also trying to turn lemons into lemonade and really take advantage of the freedom in our schedule right now (because of covid) so we're getting creative with a bunch of random stuff whether it be super sick merch, remixing our own music into weird berlin inspired beats, or recording at random airbnbs up and down California. We're super, super excited to begin touring again when it's possible, but who knows when that'll be.

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