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LA SALA IN THE SKY by Katya Morrissey

I shared the pictures from our anniversary night in the other post, now it's time to share about how our day was. The well known restaurant La sala in the center of Puerto Banus that also has the nightclub, aquamist, were a lot of famous faces hang around. La sala has now added a new concept- "La sala in the sky". It's exactly what it sounds like.

First I was a little bit suspicious about the whole thing. But then the manager, Luke welcomed us to our seats, strapped us in, went through the safety rules and he made us feel more comfortable than ever. The excitement that goes through your body is something everyone should experience!!

Two glasses of Cava later - I was then ready to jump! haha naaaah but WOW, what a feeling! You totally forget that you are 50meters up in the sky, There's so much other things which are going on. You just want to Eat, mingel, enjoy and watch the amazing view which you can't get anywhere else here in Puerto Banus. Definitely an experience that we will never forget. Thanks to Jendi that help us with the booking. Next time I want to do it in the sunset, I'm soon ready for that!!

Stay tuned for the video that will be up later in the week! <3


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