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Good evening everyone! I thought it would be a good day to bring up the subject on how to keep your skin perfect.With that said that you can't do this once and think it's going to make wonders;) The most compliments I get is definitely about my skin. We all have something we can be proud of right? I think we all know the basic rules - don't smudge your fingers in your face, avoid kemikals and blablabla. Besides from all those, there is two things That I think helps me to keep my skin soft and with that extra glow.

1. Pure Coconut oil - Normaly you use this in food but I think it's even better on your skin. This is good for a lot of things. You can use for your - Hair - Helps you repair your dead ends, even makes your hair soft if you leave it in for twenty minutes. For stretch marks - I know they are scars and they won't go away, but you can fade them so you can barley see them. Massage in the oil gently on your skin two times a day! A lot of pregnant women uses this and says it's better then all of these expensive makes. If you Google it you should find loads of good benefits with this oil. I'm using it myself right now on my whole body. I think it moisturises my skin really good after the sun. I normally mix it with my normal body cream so it's not so oily when I go to sleep in my bed. The morning after i wash it of.

A jar of coconut oil costs around 6€ and it lasts so long!

2. Carrot/Ginger. One of my favourite juices! Carrot with ginger. I think we all got told when we were little that carrots are good for your eye sight. Well it's also really good for your skin tone, hydration, wrinkles prevention and so on. Ginger is very popular in the Japanese culture, as we know they are known for having good skin! But it also has loads of good benefits such as- it helps fight the flue, reduces muscle pain, improves heart disease and so on.



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