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I want to talk about self confidence today and share with you some easy tips! I have been working a lot with my confidence , even up till today. It's not just yourself that it’s about. It’s actually all around you which is also affecting your confidence. It's just important to know that even if you don't have that "Gucci bag" that everyone has, you might have so much more that others don't have. A mother? a dad? food? job? things that are so much more important than just the superficial things. If you have stable surroundings, positive thoughts and routines in life, you automatically get good self-esteem, according to me! Some small tips I always think of everyday which helps me > >

Be prepared! I have a tendency to get very stressed about assignments just because I think I can't perform 100%. To remove them thoughts I prepare as much as possible. If you are prepared you automatically avoid stress and anxiety.

Be positive. Have no negative thoughts, kill them by finding something you like. Something that motivates you to take that step further. Dance? Music? best friend? Mine is training!

Egoist in moderation. I have said this so many times in my blog but I mention it again, find time for yourself. Add that little extra to your makeup, hair, clothes, it can give you the boost you need in your everyday life! It doesnt have to be superficial, it could be time for sleep,read or anything that makes you feel good. even if it's just an extra 30 minutes per day. I feel I can keep writing about this forever but hope these tips will help you and if you have any tips please share with me!


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