We all have had or have that crush we just want to have a conversation with. Or maybe you have been checking this guy out for a long time but you don't know if he even knows who you are. Well try these 7 steps and see if it works out... I'm not an expert but I got my dream man that i've been chasing since I was five years old. (Koff koff**) they don't call me a matchmaker for nothing haha;)

1. To be self-confident .Have good body posture. Embracing the beauty you have by showing that you are happy in life with or without him, then he will beg you to be a part of that. Quote - " Confidence is very sexy - wear it daily".

2. Love yourself. Don't complain how you look like or who would rather be, YOU are YOU. YOU are unik in your way, there is NO ONE out there that is like you, show it, be it and love it! I think everyone knows this quote - " you have to love yourself, before you can love others"

3. Be comfortable. Obviously in your skin but also what you are wear